Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications at Cheshire Academy (CT)
Director of Communications at Cheshire Academy (CT)

Director of Communications at Derby Academy (MA)

Associate Director of Admission at Chatham Hall (VA)

Assistant Director of Admission & Marketing at The MacDuffie School (MA)

Communications and Publications Coordinator at Windward School (CA)

Assistant Director of Public Relations at American International College (MA)

Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications at Cheshire Academy – Cheshire, CT (2015-Present)
Director of Communications at Cheshire Academy – Cheshire, CT (2013-2015)

Team Development: Strategically built a skill-based team modeled after a marketing agency

  • Within two years, grew the team from three to five specialists, allowing for enhanced marketing and communication with proven results in website (including online giving), email marketing, social media, annual fund marketing, and admission marketing. As of July 1, 2015, the final team will be: Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications, Associate Director of Digital Marketing, Assistant Director of Social Media Marketing, Assistant Director of Public Relations, and Graphic Designer/Photographer
  • Implemented project management software to track productivity and coordinate collaboration
  • Established a strong team dynamic that allowed for numerous successful initiatives, including:

Website Redesign: Oversaw the complete redesign and rewrite of the Cheshire Academy website (WhippleHill), based on research, focus groups, surveys, usability testing, and feedback from prospective students

  • Purposefully designed the public site to target prospective constituents, placing materials for current constituents behind the password
  • Optimized the content of the site to increase SEO rankings with new keyword strategy
  • Designed and tested navigation to benefit the user experience and marketing objectives/SEO goals
  • Added new sections for student life (boarding and international students), alumni, academic departments, and signature programs

Social Media Marketing: Oversaw the growth and streamlining of Cheshire Academy’s top accounts, and introduced a student-driven social media marketing campaign.

  • Implemented HootSuite and Social Media analytics reporting for better management
  • Reformatted the school blog to target prospective students using a best practices/how-to format, with SEO content
  • Launched “ScratchUp” student intern initiative, utilizing student voices to market the school via blogs, twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • In two years, YouTube views have increased by 477%, and 76% in just the last six months (November-April)
  • In the last six months (November to April), website traffic referrals have increased from social media (nearly 25% of our referrals are social outlets):  Facebook (213% increase, accounting for 75% of social media referrals); Twitter: 186% increase; LinkedIn: 239% increase

Email Marketing: Oversaw the strategic and standardized growth of theAcademy’s email marketing for current constituents, prospective families, alumni and friends.

  • Developed a weekly pushpage for current constituents and oversaw the continued growth and enhancement of the branded e-newsletter, known as The CATalog. Most recently, based on user surveys, the CATalog has increased to twice a week
  • Implemented bi-weekly admission newsletter, which was increased to weekly within six months
  • Implemented weekly alumni & development newsletter, which alternated audiences (faculty, current families, alumni and past parents)

Online Giving: By working closely with the Development Office, including a coordinated email marketing campaign and print media campaign, online giving has increased over the past year.

  • Increased online giving participation by 76% in one year.
  • Increased total funds raised via online giving by 95% in one year.

Content Production: Increased content production significantly to maintain a dynamic website and active social media channels to maximize outreach, and drive traffic to the website.

  • Increased homepage news stories by 471% in two years
  • Increased video production by 640% in 2013-2014, and by another 203% this year
  • Increased website photo albums by 2,800% in two years

NAIS Connect Communications Community Ambassador

Worked to promote and foster the new NAIS online Communications community.

Director of Communications at Derby Academy – Hingham, MA 

Marketing/Branding: Involved in new logo and graphic identity initiative in 2009 to adequately represent an elementary school, maintaining a youthful yet professional aesthetic

Social Media and Web Communications: Involved in the launch of a redesigned website in spring 2013. Introduced social media to marketing strategies including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Implemented SchoolPress blogging for teachers and administrators. Studied ethical usage of social media regarding middle/primary school students; made presentations to Grade 7 and 8 students, as well as parents and faculty regarding age-appropriate use of Facebook and maintaining a positive digital identity. Manage WhippleHill CMS website, produce weekly e-newsletter, and responsible for digital photography and design work. Hosted Junior-School focused EdSocialMedia Bootcamp in August 2012.

Print and Web-Based Communications: Media relations, writing, editing and design work including the production of publications such as postcards, brochures, magazines and advertisements. Implemented a biweekly column in the local town newspaper as of January 2013.

Teaching: Public Speaking, Digital Photography and Yearbook (Jostens)

Other responsibilities: Serve on Administrative Board, involved in AISNE reaccreditation (committee chair and committee member), member of Innovation Center planning committee, Grade 7 student advisor.

Associate Director of Admission at Chatham Hall – Chatham, VA 

Admission Recruitment: Recruitment of students throughout the United States and Bermuda, including 10-15 weeks of travel per year to complete school visits and attend school fairs; student of color recruitment through organizations such as NJ SEEDS and ABC.

Admission Marketing: Introduced new ways to increase inquiries, applications and enrollments via Direct Mail campaigns, additional publications, Website enhancements, email postcards, social media marketing, online chat sessions with Admission Staff, Scholarship programs and an Early Decision application process.

Event Planning: Opening of School, Open Houses, Revisit, Receptions.

Other Marketing: Publication and advertisement design and layout, promotional item procurement, design and writing for electronic newsletters, design for postcards and social networking.

Other Responsibilities: Served on financial aid, marketing, admission and retention committees; advisor to individual students, student club and sophomore class; involved in VAIS reaccreditation (committee member)

Assistant Director of Admission & Marketing at The MacDuffie School – Springfield, MA

Admission Recruitment: Focus on Western Massachusetts; event planning for open houses, school fairs, receptions

Marketing: Designed promotional publications to aid admission and development offices, created application fee waiver campaign to increase applications and referrals from current families and faculty.

Other Responsibilities: Involved in AISNE reaccreditation (committee member), managed student tour guides

Communications & Publications Coordinator at Windward School – Los Angeles, CA 

Print and Web-based Communications:  Created both internal and external e-mail communications network with Windward community, designed a new monthly parent newsletter to improve school-wide communications

Other Responsibilities:  Student newspaper advisor – established new standard for monthly student newspaper and helped students participate in journalism workshop and LA Times internships, leading one student to receive a scholarship from the LA Times; played primary role in WASC reaccreditation.

Assistant Director of Public Relations at American International College – Springfield, MA   2006-2009

Assistant Director of Public Relations at American International College, Springfield, MA   2002-2003

Media Relations: Improved local media relations through increased communication

Publications: Improved publications by introducing advanced graphic design software

Other Responsibilities: Budget management, office organization, management of student interns

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